Towards the End of November 2017

We had quite a bit of rain. Our old wine stock did get some new leaves that seem to be wandering off. I like the look of the fresh green leaves.


This ‘White Princess’ plant did bend over in the rain. Maybe we should try to lift the stems up a bit by inserting some stakes?


I am glad this Jasmine plant is coming back to life again!



This stuff is growing well after all that rain. Quite amazing!

We enjoy all this growth. But we are not proper gardeners. Everything grows sort of ‘wild’ in our backyard. From time to time we do a little bit of planting or a bit of cleaning up. But most of the things in our backyard just seem to grow on their own, especially  after a bit of rain.


I believe these yellow flowers are some snow peas flowers. So far the snow peas seeds I planted a long time ago, never developed properly. Just now, I looked up a few hints how to grow snow peas in pots. This makes me want to try again. Maybe I’ll have better luck next time if I observe some of the rules!? Here is one of the videos I had a look at. Usually I skip the ads, But on this video, the ads in the beginning were actually quite beautiful to have a look at! After the ads comes up a bit about growing peas in containers::



The wild strawberries come up in lots of places. Occasionally we pick some and eat them. They are not very tasty. But maybe they are full of vitamins? We also have strawberries growing in our ‘garden bed’. We had already harvested quite a few of these strawberries.DSCN3500.JPG

It looks like some more strawberries may be coming!


I think it was last year when we planted two plants: One Loganberry and one Raspberry!

These plants never seemed to grow. I few months ago I noticed these plants were still a bit there. I cleared the surroundings and gave them some worm juice (diluted with water!). And now – since we had recently quite a bit of rain – they do grow a lot all of a sudden. I wonder whether we are going to be lucky and get some fruit of them eventually.


This is actually our lemon balm which grows plentiful too after all that rain. It grows close to the berry ‘bushes’, and we have to watch it that it does not spread too close to those berry bushes!


We have some very strong looking tomato plants. Perhaps some of the leaves need to be discarded?


And this is my very own chilly plant for Peter does not like hot chilly.


5 thoughts on “Towards the End of November 2017

  1. Spring is sprung, in your backyard! Yes, remove some leaves from the tomato plant so that the fruit gets all the nourishment. I got to be quite an expert an tomatoes in the last few years!

      1. I grew them in a greenhouse years ago and more recently in the glassed-in porch behind my mother’s kitchen while I was there – I just love the scent of the tomato plants.

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