Birthday Celebrations two Weeks before Christmas 2017

On Saturday, the 9th, it was Caroline’s, our youngest daughter’s, birthday. She and her partner gave us a special treat when they came to visit. They presented very fresh Steak Tartar. Everybody liked this:

For Sunday, Peter had baked a hazelnut cake. It had been our daughter Monika’s birthday a few days earlier. So she and some of her family came to see us on Sunday afternoon for coffee and cake.

Two of our great-grandsons, Lucas and Alexander, were among the guests. The boys are three and five now. It was a pleasure to have them around, and I think they liked to spend a few hours at our place. Even though they had not been to visit for a while they could still remember a lot of things, for instance boxes with games and some children’s books. I think their favourite book right now is PUMUCKL, who is a ‘naughty’ goblin (kobold). They went through every page of the book to see where  PUMUCKL was and what he was up to.

They also went with their Dad and later with their Mum into our backyard, where they looked at a lot of the plants and also did some running around from one end to the other. I had great fun watching them! I showed them some ripe black berries which they were allowed to pick.There were many, many green tomatoes in all different sizes. One very nice firm tomato had already turned a lovely red and could be harvested.

In two weeks on Sunday the whole extended family is going to come to our place for some Christmas Eve celebrations. We are all looking forward to this.

2 thoughts on “Birthday Celebrations two Weeks before Christmas 2017

  1. Steak Tartar was a very special treat on Saturday just for the fours of us, namely Caroline, Matthew, Peter and myself. Caroline and Matthew stayed with us overnight. On Sunday afternoon we had more visitors just for coffee and cake. We were ten people on that afternoon, including the two little ones. They all liked Peter’s nut-cake with freshly whipped cream.
    On Christmas Eve we are going to be about sixteen people. We want to start with the celebration at 4 pm already. The daughters are going to bring along some food and I volunteered to make some potato salad. I guess there’ll be no shortage of food or drinks and we’ll be together till late in the evening.

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