Five Years ago

On the 21st of December 2012 we had our 56th wedding anniversary. On that day we went up to the highlands for a visit to Bowral. Did I publish a blog from that anniversary? So even if I did, I cannot find it anymore. But in ‘my pictures’ album I did find some photos. As I remember it, Peter and I had an excellent time  up in Bowral on the day of our anniversary . Looking at these old photos brings back memories. So here they are:

Here we had our Lunch







These pictures were taken in a Bowral shopping centre .









RIMG0144 - Copy














In the morning we had visited the Bradman Oval:

At the Bradman Centre there was a nice cafe where we had had some morning tea:




Looking up old Diaries


“5th of December, our second daughter’s birthday; the youngest daughter’s birthday is coming up in four days. The two girls are exactly twenty years apart!

Tomorrow, Tuesday, is Thai Yoga for beginners with Chaija Noradechanunt from the University of Wollongong. In the pamphlet it says:

‘Enjoy stretches, breathing work and relaxation practices in a women only place.’

On Tuesday, the 13th December, is going to be the last class for this year.

I like these Thai Yoga classes. I hope they’re going to continue next year. For the Thai Yoga I go to Coniston, which is two trainstops away from where I live.  The Older Women’s Network hire the Community Hall in Coniston for these classes. They say:

‘You’re in good company with Illawarra OWN Wellness Centre. What is a Wellness Centre?

A Wellness Centre provides older women with a different model of health and wellbeing. We offer a holistic approach to improving and maintaining health and coping with illness by providing a variety of choices for healthy living. The Wellness Centre provides an informal, friendly and supportive environment.

We are committed to:

.  Flexible, “drop in” attendance

.  Learning from each other, as well as from health professionals

.  Consumer involvement & participation

‘Social isolation is a threat to the well being and health of us all. As women tend to live longer than men, they are more likely to feel isolated. Being on a limited income further restricts many people and decreases our ability to lead full and productive lives. To enjoy healthy senior years our minds and bodies need to be active and we need to do all we can to ensure we foster a willingness to stay well by keeping active.

An older woman is generally considered to be 50 years and over. Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Women aged 45 Years and over. All are welcome at the Wellnes Centre.’

Thursdays I usually go to a class here in Dapto. It’s a gentle exercise class with Marta Venegas. This class is to improve core strength and balance. I  like these classes. Marta always brings stimulating music along. She sees to it that we keep up with a bit of dancing and also some more serious fitness training. Some of the exercises can be done sitting or standing. This class is breaking up next week. The break lasts to the beginning of February! I must aim at going to the swimming pool more often to maintain some kind of fitness.

My laptop is playing up sometimes. I think I need to take it for another service.”



“This week we’re going to celebrate our youngest daughter’s birthday: She’ll turn 33 on Friday. Yesterday another daughter of ours turned 53!

Here is a picture of our lovely baby with me at North Wollongong Beach.

I am 44 in this photo. I think our dog was already 13  or 14 years at the time.”

Birthday Celebrations two Weeks before Christmas 2017

On Saturday, the 9th, it was Caroline’s, our youngest daughter’s, birthday. She and her partner gave us a special treat when they came to visit. They presented very fresh Steak Tartar. Everybody liked this:

For Sunday, Peter had baked a hazelnut cake. It had been our daughter Monika’s birthday a few days earlier. So she and some of her family came to see us on Sunday afternoon for coffee and cake.

Two of our great-grandsons, Lucas and Alexander, were among the guests. The boys are three and five now. It was a pleasure to have them around, and I think they liked to spend a few hours at our place. Even though they had not been to visit for a while they could still remember a lot of things, for instance boxes with games and some children’s books. I think their favourite book right now is PUMUCKL, who is a ‘naughty’ goblin (kobold). They went through every page of the book to see where  PUMUCKL was and what he was up to.

They also went with their Dad and later with their Mum into our backyard, where they looked at a lot of the plants and also did some running around from one end to the other. I had great fun watching them! I showed them some ripe black berries which they were allowed to pick.There were many, many green tomatoes in all different sizes. One very nice firm tomato had already turned a lovely red and could be harvested.

In two weeks on Sunday the whole extended family is going to come to our place for some Christmas Eve celebrations. We are all looking forward to this.

Sunday, 10th of December 2017

Yesterday we had our Christmas Party for all the owner residents and also for one previous resident of our complex. Barbara, a resident in our complex, invited us all to her place. There was a sit down place for everyone. Barbara had made sure that we would all fit in. There was of course plenty of delicious food as well as some drinks. Peter did sit at the head of the table surrounded by women. Before everyone started eating I took the chance to take a few pictures.


Our Complex of ten villas is like a retirement village. Most residents are retirees in their seventies or eighties. There is only one of the owner  residents still having a job since she is a great deal younger than all of us. She did not come to our Christmas party. She said she had a previous engagement to go to and looked in only briefly to wish us all a Merry Christmas.

Two of the villas in our complex belong to investors and are rented out. Strangely enough the people that are renting are never invited to our gatherings. And of course being renters they never come to any body corporate meetings. But the owner investors never appear at the meetings either.

Joan sat across from me. She had been on long service leave recently. But she mentioned yesterday that she decided to leave her job for good. I guess that means she is going into early retirement. (Her husband, who sat beside her, has been retired for quite some time already!) We talked about it that Peter and I are the residents who have been living the longest in our complex, namely since 1994, actually ever since the villas had been built. So I pointed out that in 1959 we arrived in Australia by boat with two babies. Joan responded that 1959 was a good year. How so? She said it was the year she was born, and she arrived in Australia from England as a three months old baby. She said she was very happy that she does not have to go to work anymore. Now she is going to have more free time and wants to spend it  with art work, like painting and drawing. Two other women in our complex are already very involved with this kind of art work. So Joan should be in good company.

I think it is great that in our complex we are all very friendly towards each other. And our yearly Christmas parties are a great way to keep in touch with each other and are loved by everyone.  In Barbara we have a great hostess for these parties. Thank you so much Barbara! Of course, everyone did bring some food and drink along. And quite a few people helped with the serving.

Saturday, 9th of December 2017

During the last few weeks we spent a lot of time in this place. In this Medical Centre there are apart from a number of General Practitioners also quite a few specialists and a Chemist. Our Skin specialist is now also my GP and she tries her best to keep me ‘alive’. She is worried about my heart and my very high blood pressure. Among the specialists are also some dentists. Peter saw one of their dentists the other day and is now waiting to get his partials back with a new tooth added to them.

Last Thursday Peter went to the Hearing Clinic in Wollongong to get his hearing aids fixed: They needed to be turned up a bit. So he hears much better now, which is a relief! I waited outside and took some pictures.

Later on we went to the San Churro Cafe for some delicious hot dark chocolate with chilli. Here is what we had:

Churros for One ( but it was enough for two!) 2975 KJ

Azteca: Two cups of Classic Spanish hot chocolate made with chilli

One cup has 1500 KJ

We loved to sit here outside .
The waitress volunteered to take a picture of us.

In the background of the above picture is the place for buying ‘bulk’ cake. They have very good cake We went there after our chocolate splash at San Churro’s and bought some cheese cake and some poppy seed cake to take home for when Monika came to visit us after work.

This Street Art Picture is in the vicinity of San Churro’s.


And here now are some photos I took while I was waiting for Peter in front of the Hearing Clinic:

These huge boulders apparently are some design project right in front of the Hearing Life Clinic.

Link to my post from 7th of December 2017

Here is the link and what I wrote yesterday after reflecting on a quote by  Noam Chomsky.

. . . .  the expression “diverted to consumerism or hatred of the vulnerable” demands my attention. As a pensioner in Australia without major assets (except for owning own house), I would have to count myself to the bottom half in the population. And yet I must say I lead a comfortable life with most medical expenses covered by Medicare. Is it because the general population in Australia is “diverted to consumerism”? Or is it “hatred of the vulnerable” especially hatred of so called illegal migrants that makes us prosper in Australia? Well, this is something to contemplate. If we stop being “apathetic and passive” does our good life end then? How important is it to have a “good ” life at the expense of the vulnerable? Would the vulnerable have a better life if we stopped consuming so much?

So, the powerful think they can do as they please. They may think they can do it, but surely eventually this must lead to some kind of disaster. I mean some major disasters like wars are affecting the vulnerable already, but maybe it is only a matter of time when major disasters hit everyone on this planet. So should there be any survivors, they are going to have a lot to contemplate . . . .

Today, Friday, I want to reflect a bit more on Chomsky’s quote. He speaks about the powerful and that they “can do as they please”.  I ask myself why do they seem to think that they “can do as they please”? Does anyone know the answer to that?

Here is Chomsky’s quote again: