21st and 23rd of December 2017

We had lunch with Martin on the 21st of December
My vegetarian Lunch




At home we had some desert
Martin looks at his new Wollongong Calendar

Towards evening Monika and Mark came to see us. It was the day of our Wedding Anniversary!

Martin had arrived at our place the previous night. He did arrive a bit late. He arrived at Moss Vale by coach because his train had been cancelled because of signal failure in extremely bad weather. Because some passengers arrived late at Moss Vale, the usual coach to go down Macquarie Pass had not been waiting. But a taxi to go down to the coast had been organised by the railway. Martin had had some hot take away when his coach had stopped at Yass. He messaged to Peter not to wait with dinner. We had planned to have dinner ready for Martin’s arrival. I had cooked red cabbage and Peter wanted to fry some pork cutlets. The next day, Thursday, we went out for lunch and we did not cook anything in the evening. But on Friday we had our big meal then. I did not fancy the meat, I just had a sausage instead of the meat. The red cabbage tasted very good. There was even some left for Sunday, Christmas Eve, where the cabbage and some potato salad that I had made, was served with all the cold food, and everyone liked it. Not all the food is seen here on the pictures. There was plenty of food because everyone had brought some food along!

The following pictures I took in the main shopping street in Berry where we went with Martin on Saturday, the 23rd of December for some coffee and cake.


For lunch we had fish and chips in Kiama and later on ice-cream in Shellharbour Village.

Martin did all the driving on that day. So after we had finished our take-away ice-creams Martin drove us to the Farm Beach that is a beautiful public area these days. It was lovely to walk around this place for a bit.



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