Jim Wood Trail in Benalla


“Feb 17, 2005 – The ‘Jim Wood‘ trail starts near the old toll gates. It takes in local bushland and birdlife and leads past footbridges which provide access to Jaycee Island, Link Island and Little Casey Island which are situated within the river on the southern side of Bridge St. There is also a car parking area near the northern …”


What it says about the ‘Jim Wood’ trail in the SMH from February 2005 is quite interesting. One morning Martin went with us  for a walk there and Peter took these pictures:

“Sep 9, 2017 – Benalla Ensign News brings you the latest and breaking news surrounding Weed to seelake partially drained.”


“Jan 30, 2018 – Water in Lake Benalla is being lowered in an effort to manage Cabomba, a highly invasive weed that grows quickly and that can be detrimental to native aquatic animals such as platypus that live in the lake.”

We were looking out for some platypus that morning but could not see any.


One thought on “Jim Wood Trail in Benalla

  1. Platypus are not easy to observe. We lived on a river for 14 years and despite keeping a look-out for them I never saw one. Helvi did see one. Plenty of kangaroos, wombats and lots of snakes though.

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