Some of Peter’s Pictures

We love the flowers of this Frangipani in front of our house

Peter showed me today some of his pictures and offered to install them in the drop box so that I could use them.

On Sunday the 11th of March 2018 Martin had planned to invite us to this farm to have lunch there in their cafe:

“Samaria Farm is located 24 kilometres from Benalla in the rolling hills, near Mt Samaria north-eastern Victoria. The farm is spread over 22 acres with orchards of damask roses, olives, lemons and lemon myrtle. . . .”

I wrote about it here:

So to our regret we found out that the farm and its cafe was closed on that day. So we ended up at the Tatong Tavern:

We had a beer there and waited for a while so we could order some lunch. However it looked like they were awfully busy on that day. We thought it would probably take hours before we could be served some lunch. So we decided then to drive back to Benalla to have some lunch there. We made it for lunch at the Bowls Club Benalla just before it was lunch closing time!

The Tatong Tavern

The Tatong Tavern

“The Tatong Tavern is an English Style Country Inn situated in the small community of Tatong only 25 kilometres drive from Benalla. Set in the foothills of the Great Dividing Range it’s the perfect place to stay, we’re perfectly positioned to enjoy local activities such as bushwalking & cycling, fresh water fishing, gem collecting and sightseeing on the Ned Kelly Trail.

The pub remains a focal point of village life and the plays a significant role in the local community.

A popular stopping point for travellers

It is also a popular stopping point for travellers who are exploring the Great Dividing Range, local wineries and Ned Kelly history. Many travellers heading south toward Melbourne and north into the High Country and beyond stay here in idyllic surroundings.

The Tatong Tavern has spacious grounds and a delightful beer garden set amongst mature gum trees that ensure shaded seating during the endless summer sunshine.”


The above about the Tatong Tavern is a copy , of course. So, I found Peter’s pictures from the Tatong Tavern. We had been having our beers in the beer garden. It was indeed a very pleasant place! To have lunch there seemed to be out of the question. How regrettable! Anyhow, these are Peter’s pictures:


This bread we bought in Benalla, and I asked Peter to take a picture of it with his camera because my camera did not work.


2 thoughts on “Some of Peter’s Pictures

    1. Thanks, Carolyn. Actually we do feel quite all right this morning after a good breakfast. It is very dark and rainy outside. The temperature went down to 17 Celsius. Last weekend we had temperatures above 40 C. So this is a big change. Some parts of Australia had devastating bush fires a few days ago. other parts of Australia experience some flooding right now. We count ourselves lucky that we’re all right. 🙂

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