Sunshine after the Rain

Soon after I did hang out the  washing, the sun came out and I got ready for a ‘little’ walk. I  took my walking stick along, walking along  the footpath through Lakelands Park. Before  I was back home I had taken 28 pictures. Now, I cannot resist selecting some of the pictures to insert in this post!

First, about this sad left-over of our bougainvilleas:

This is what it looked like yesterday morning.

In the afternoon, while the rain had stopped for a bit, Peter cut  a bit more off this bush. This is what it looked like this morning:


Peter says he has to dig the whole thing out now! He insists he’ll do it slowly so it won’t cause him to feel exhausted. Oh yes, with his heart condition, he better take  it easy. But maybe it is just as well that he is trying to stay a little bit active.


How can that many tomatoes grow in the wilderness of our garden?



The footpath towards Lakelands Park leads along here:

In some places the lantana is growing immensely, overtaking the Australian bush.



My favourite seat
Another seat a bit further on

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