This is the trunk of one of my favourite trees in the park behind where I live.

Now in the middle of March we are still on daylight saving time. The nights are already cooler but during the day we often still have more than 30C. However, we find that early in the morning it is never too warm to go for a little walk, that is we are in the habit of walking every morning for a little bit just before breakfast. I take only about 4 or 5 minutes to walk to my favourite trees in the park behind our complex of villas. Peter and I we usually leave our place together. I do walk very slowly just to stretch my legs a bit. Walking back home I  usually walk a bit faster. Peter uses some spray on his tongue that helps his breathing. He aims to walk straight away at a faster pace for 8 minutes. He walks quite a bit faster than I walk. I watch him walking in the park in the distance. On the way back, when he passes me, he calls out (just for fun!) Good Morning! And I call back: Good Morning! The whole park area feels to me very private, meaning even if I owned the whole area, I could not make any better use of it than walking there for a few minutes every morning! These days the sun comes up later and later. So often we miss out now on some sun when we walk early in the moring. However, I love the mornings, when the sun does shine through the trees! When daylight saving is finally finished, the sun will be up a little bit earlier again.


Sunshine after the Rain

Soon after I did hang out the  washing, the sun came out and I got ready for a ‘little’ walk. I  took my walking stick along, walking along  the footpath through Lakelands Park. Before  I was back home I had taken 28 pictures. Now, I cannot resist selecting some of the pictures to insert in this post!

First, about this sad left-over of our bougainvilleas:

This is what it looked like yesterday morning.

In the afternoon, while the rain had stopped for a bit, Peter cut  a bit more off this bush. This is what it looked like this morning:


Peter says he has to dig the whole thing out now! He insists he’ll do it slowly so it won’t cause him to feel exhausted. Oh yes, with his heart condition, he better take  it easy. But maybe it is just as well that he is trying to stay a little bit active.


How can that many tomatoes grow in the wilderness of our garden?



The footpath towards Lakelands Park leads along here:

In some places the lantana is growing immensely, overtaking the Australian bush.



My favourite seat
Another seat a bit further on

My Diary, Last July Day 2017

The other day I wrote in my diary ‘we are in a bit of a rot.’ I thought that does not sound right, not at all. So I looked it up on WordWeb,  and I changed it now to ‘rut’. which is according to WordWeb: “A settled and monotonous routine that is hard to escape.” This now sounds about right to me. WordWeb often helps me out when I am in doubt!

It is true, the ‘monotonous routine’ is often hard to escape. Today for instance was the last Monday in the month. So we had our monthly residents’ get-together today. After spending the morning sorting out things I was not looking forward to have to get ready for our monthly get-together. Luckily, I made the effort to join my friends for afternoon coffee/tea and a lot of goodies. And it was not monotonous at all. We had some very lively conversations. Within ninety minutes we covered about a few dozen different subjects. But still, it was interesting how all of us chose something different to talk about. And everyone treated everyone with love and respect. We were four currant women residents plus two previous  women residents of our complex of ten dwellings. All these women are close to me in age. It is quite apparent that all of us have similar health problems due to our advanced age.

Last Friday Irene drove Barbara, Marion and me to Erika’s place. ( She lives a bit further away, a bit too far to walk there and back.) We were five women for our games afternoon at Erika’s. We talked about it that it had been a long time since we have had any rain. Everyone said we would need  some rain for our gardens. We wished very much for some rain.

I went to the Lakelands Park on Saturday and noticed a lot of dry patches of grass there on the soccer fields. Then yesterday, on Sunday. we had a very hot winter day. The temperature climbed to 26C, really one of the hottest July days ever for our area. But today we are back to 15C and to our delight, we got some beautiful downpours for our gardens. Everyone I saw today was very happy about the rain.

As I said, on Saturday I went for a walk to Lakelands Park. Some soccer teams had used the Park for a bit of soccer earlier on. But by 12 o’clock the park was totally deserted again. I remembered how in the past I often took some pictures while walking in the park. Well, probably nothing much had changed since I last took some pictures there. However I decided I would take a few pictures anyway. That way I had an excuse to interrupt my walking, giving me a bit of a rest. (I do feel better when I can take frequent rests!) I took pictures of some soccer fields and of some flowers in the neighbourhood.

Part of this soccer field still looks beautiful green, other parts suffer from lack of rain and look pretty dry.
This one is another soccer field.