Easter Sunday Morning in 2018

Early in the morning I went for a walk in Lakelands Park. It was a glorious, sunny morning.  So, again I occupied myself taking some pictures and here they are:



DSCN4121 (2)
I noticed that one brunch has no connection to the tree anymore.




I could see in  the distance a woman with her two dogs. The dogs were very exuberant, running around freely and actually extremely fast! But there was no danger since the dogs were controlled quite well meaning when the woman called them they obediently went back to her.



When I was back home I had a lovely breakfast with Peter as well as  Caroline and Matthew. During the course of this breakfast we had two bottles of sparkling wine! This was an excellent beginning of this Easter holiday.

For lunch there is Leg of lamb and plenty of vegetables. Lunch is going to be in one hour at twelve o’clock midday. Today is the finish of Daylight Saving in Australia, that means we could sleep in today. One hour extra sleep was very welcome for we went  to bed late. And when I got up this morning, the sun was up already, and I could go for my walk  across the wet grass, which, as usual, I enjoyed very much.

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