Welcome to Australia’s plastic beach

Published on Apr 15, 2018

How much rubbish could you collect from a suburban beach in 30 minutes? You may find the answer confronting. Guardian Australia joins Paul Sharp and Silke Stuckenbrock from the Two Hands Project to see just how prevalent plastics are on Australia’s beaches.

5 thoughts on “Welcome to Australia’s plastic beach

  1. What happened to the deposits on bottles including plastic ones? Thirty years ago in Holland a system was introduced where all glass containers could be returned to super-markets. You put them in a machine and out popped a credit receipt which one used inside the supermarket for a refund on your shopping. Simple and it worked. Nothing ever seems to be taken up in Australia.

    Politicians rave on how innovative we are. But the truth is the opposite.

  2. Plastic is one area in which ordinary people can do a great deal to help the environment – by taking recyclable fabric shopping bags to the super market and making sure all their plastic containers are recycled.

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