A bit of Diary


I am looking forward to go today for another walk across the grass in Lakelands Park. Yesterday I had meant to write about certain things, however one thing or another kept me pretty busy  until lunch time. And when after an early lunch I finally could spend a bit more time on the computer I nearly forgot that at 2 pm I wanted to be at my  neighbour’s place for our Friday games afternoon together with two or three other neighbours. This get-together we always enjoy very much. So at 1,30 it suddenly occurred to me, that I had to get ready for my afternoon away from home. Luckily,  I still made it on time. This meeting with the neighbours is very important to me. It is a good way to not loose contact with all of these neighbours.

I thought, I had saved what I had written yesterday. So I went to yesterday’s draft savings. And I only found this bit:

DSCN4154“Today, both of us were awake before six. We are looking forward to another busy day. After breakfast I would like to go for my little walk in Lakelands Park, the same as every morning.”

The above bit is what’s left of yesterday’s earlier writing that I think I had done before breakfast.

The hour’s writing I had done yesterday between 12,30 and 1,30 pm has all gone. I had written about how to discard most of our books. I also had mentioned what was going on yesterday in Berlin about a World War Two bomb disposal. This writing has all gone. Ah well, I  did not like it very much anyway. So today is another day.

We already found out that the bomb disposal went well. Everything is back to normal in Berlin. This disposal was a major undertaking for they dealt with a 500 kg  bomb in the midst of Berlin near the central city railway station (Hauptbahnhof), a lot of public buildings, a hospital, as well as quite a few residential buildings. All this had to be evacuated. Really a major undertaking that required a lot of planning.

There is always a lot of building going on in Berlin. During excavation work it happens frequently that they still find World War Two bombs that have not exploded yet. And this after well over 70 years!

2 thoughts on “A bit of Diary

  1. I’m sorry you lost some of your diary entries, but you have a good attitude about starting again, Uta. I’m completely fascinated to learn that in Berlin WWII bombs are still being unearthed. I had no idea. Disposal of them has to be a major undertaking. I would never have known!

    1. Thank you so much for commenting, Debra. You do write such excellent blocks, and I am so sorry that I don’t get often around to look at them. I feel that Peter and I are now in our ‘twilight years’. It is really not such a bad feeling, for we had a good long and interesting life. It is just that we have to learn to cut down on a lot of things. I reckon we’re right now in a very interesting phase of our lives! 🙂

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