How to get rid of them?


Camphor Laurel, they are very persistent!

These are very recent pictures.

2 thoughts on “How to get rid of them?

    1. Carolyn, I think the answer is you’d have to dig out the left over roots from that tall Camphor Laurel that we had removed by a contractor. Some of the old roots were poisoned by the contractor at the time. But they were not able to reach a l l the roots because they were too wide spread. A lot of the left over roots Peter dug out bit by bit, and he got some help with it from Matthew. But there are still quite a few very big roots left that are very hard too get at. New little plants come our of the roots all the time. As soon as Peter takes the shoots out, new ones appear practically overnight! You’re right, Carolyn, you can call it persistent and hearty.
      Should some kind of poison perhaps be tried again?

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