Uta’s Diary


I just love my early morning walks in Lakelands Park. I usually walk just across the grassy soccer fields.

I am always so happy when I get up very early in the morning and see the sun gradually coming up.

When we have an outing, it usually takes me quite some time to get ready, even though I don’t normally bother about any make-up. I think the most time is taken up just packing my boobs into some bra. It is such a strenuous job! Peter takes less than half the time to get ready for going out.

We feel that our weeks are very, very busy these days. And getting busier by the minute! Apart from doctor’s appointments and shopping trips there are now Tai Chi classes on Monday, Yoga classes on Tuesday, and I continue to go to the slow movement exercise classes for seniors on Thursdays. On Friday I continue to have a games afternoon with my friends.

Today I missed out on my seniors’ class. I felt I needed a break. Watching the German news in the morning we found out that it is a holiday today in Germany: It is the Thursday ten days before Pentecost Sunday. This Thursday is a public holiday in Germany as well as so called Fathers’ Day. On this day all fathers in Germany are bound to have a day out on their own without wives or kids! This is tradition. This day out is very much enjoyed by the fathers.

Peter and I pretended we have a ‘holiday’ today too, enjoying it with a lovely glass of chilled white wine for lunch. At around 2,30 pm we expect our daughter Monika to come for a visit together with her grandson Carter, who is now a very enjoyable one and a half.


We went with Carter to the Playground at Lakelands Park when they came for a visit two weeks ago.





7 thoughts on “Uta’s Diary

  1. Sounds like such a lovely day, Uta. You have a very healthy routine of self-care, both physical and emotional. I really like to see that. Balance is important to me, and we sure have to work at it sometimes. 🙂

    1. Thanks for commenting, Debra. I feel Tai Chi does help my balance. I hope I can improve it somewhat. And Yoga is great for learning to move slowly and improve my breathing. We had a good afternoon yesterday with Monika and little Carter. He is such a sweet boy! 🙂

    1. I like to get up at around 6 in the morning, Ian. It is right now half past 6, but still not very light and quite chilly outside. It is only May, yet it feels already like winter to me!!

    1. In summer, Elizabeth, I love to get up well before 6 in the morning. And also at this time of the year I still like to get up soon after 6 am even though it is still fairly dark then. I am very happy then when finally some light and a bit of sun comes up!

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