Uta’s Diary


I just love my early morning walks in Lakelands Park. I usually walk just across the grassy soccer fields.

I am always so happy when I get up very early in the morning and see the sun gradually coming up.

When we have an outing, it usually takes me quite some time to get ready, even though I don’t normally bother about any make-up. I think the most time is taken up just packing my boobs into some bra. It is such a strenuous job! Peter takes less than half the time to get ready for going out.

We feel that our weeks are very, very busy these days. And getting busier by the minute! Apart from doctor’s appointments and shopping trips there are now Tai Chi classes on Monday, Yoga classes on Tuesday, and I continue to go to the slow movement exercise classes for seniors on Thursdays. On Friday I continue to have a games afternoon with my friends.

Today I missed out on my seniors’ class. I felt I needed a break. Watching the German news in the morning we found out that it is a holiday today in Germany: It is the Thursday ten days before Pentecost Sunday. This Thursday is a public holiday in Germany as well as so called Fathers’ Day. On this day all fathers in Germany are bound to have a day out on their own without wives or kids! This is tradition. This day out is very much enjoyed by the fathers.

Peter and I pretended we have a ‘holiday’ today too, enjoying it with a lovely glass of chilled white wine for lunch. At around 2,30 pm we expect our daughter Monika to come for a visit together with her grandson Carter, who is now a very enjoyable one and a half.


We went with Carter to the Playground at Lakelands Park when they came for a visit two weeks ago.





Another Morning Walk









There's a new building on top of that hill.
There’s a new building on top of that hill.
Here it is to be seen a bit better.
Here it is to be seen a bit better.
It is in this picture too.
It is in this picture too.
And here a bit of cropping gives a better view.
And here a bit of cropping gives a better view.
At the beginning of the month we drove to the top of the hill where this new mansion stands.
At the beginning of the month we drove to the top of the hill where this new mansion stands.
From up there we did get a good view of some new developments.
From up there we did get a good view of some new developments.

Now, back to Lakelands Park where I went this morning for my little walk.

This is the little playground in Lakelands Park.
This is the little playground in Lakelands Park.

IMG_0847 (2)

We would like to take Lucas to this park one day.

Balmy Days towards the End of May 2014


RIMG1864We did have a lot of balmy days during this month of May. Everybody says it has been unseasonably warm so far.  Only some of the nights have already been quite cold. Occasionally we had a lot of cloud cover with hardly any sun.  Then we feel very much like it is winter already.

I try to take a walk in my toe shoes every day, preferably rather early in the morning. I often walk to Lakelands Park where all the soccer fields are. Right now the grass in this park has been kept quite well cut. This makes it easy to walk on it,  especially with these comfortable toe shoes!



Usually the playground is my destination. It takes me only ten to fifteen minutes to reach it..




I am very fond of all the trees in the park. This is why I take photos of them again and again.




Near the footpath the lantana is thriving again.



I noticed a pattern in the freshly mown grass:



Today, Saturday, there was much activity in the park. The young soccer players were having some good practice at kicking the ball under the supervision and encouraging shouting by a lot of coaches, parents and friends.






The weeks go so quickly. I can’t believe it’s Saturday again. Last Saturday we were at that conference in Sydney. I think on the Saturday before this I went to the swimming pool. Actually I would love to go to the swimming pool again today even if it is a cloudy day with no sun. The water in the pool is always kept at 24C.

I definitely have to go for walks again today whether there’s sun or not. Last Thursday it was pouring. So I missed out on my walk on that day. But Peter drove me to my heart moves class, which was good. Marta. our instructor,  had to cancel.  But lovely Janet was prepared to take her place on short notice.  Janet said Marta had a pinched nerve, I think she mentioned her back. My pinched nerve is in my right wrist. It’s still painful. However because I take these pain killing  tablets now  it’s easier to cope with the pain.

The doctors want to give me a pain killing injection into my wrist. I am very reluctant to agree to this. Months later they want to operate on the twisted nerve in my wrist. I want to ask for more information on this before I take any steps regarding the injection and the operation.

– – – – –

The other day I walked with Peter around the reserve and I took some pictures from the back of our backyard fence. The trees in our backyard have grown a real lot as  can be seen in these pictures. When we moved here in 1994 there were just a few seedlings planted. We never imagined these seedlings would grow as much! The reserve is adjoining our property. Kids play soccer there on certain days. In some of my pictures you can see where the kids have their playing fields. I concentrated on taking photos of a number of huge trees in the area. I love  to go for walks along these trees! There’s also a nice little playground at the other side of the reserve.  When we first moved here to this place, we sometimes went with the grandchildren all the way across the reserve to this little playground. Now all the grandchildren have grown up, the youngest being fifteen. Maybe one year old great-grandson Lucas may get a chance one day to stroll around the reserve. This would be very much to my liking!