Today Peter and I walked along this path. There was a lot of work for the Blue Mile Project going on. So this path did lead us to the Continental Pool where it did not go any further. We noticed on the board that the water temperature was 18 Degrees Celsius. Since it was a clear sunny day with no wind at all, I thought a swim in the water would just be wonderful. A few people were actually in the water! I was quite envious of them.

From the following link you may get an idea what the Blue Mile Project is all about. It is really one more undertaking to make living in Wollongong or visiting Wollongong even more attractive. Walking along the foreshore of Wollongong Harbour is a great experience. One can never get too much of it. We finished our little excursion with a bite at this kiosk:

Levendi Wollongong Harbour, Wollongong, New South Wales. Located at the heart of the iconic Wollongong Harbour. Specialising in fish & chips,…

We had fish & chips as well as some fruit salad. Then we went home by bus to where we had our car parked in Dapto. We picked up a few things in Dapto shopping centre. Arriving home we had some filtered coffee and a sour dough bread roll with some butter. We were happy that we had gone out to spend todays beautiful mild late autumn weather near Wollongong Harbour.



Stretching from Stuart Park in the north to Wollongong Golf Club in the south, the Blue Mile is an iconic and much-loved section of our coastline.




2 thoughts on “Diary

  1. Beautiful relaxing post Uta, lovely to see your vivid blue pictures of the Blue mile project.
    Would love to know where to find Sour Dough rolls here in Mildura, the loaves are too much for me, plus I like dipping them in local Olive Oil.
    Kind regards.

    1. The upgrading of the path right along the beautiful foreshore of Wollongong Harbour is indeed a splendid project, Ian.
      We like the sour dough bread rolls from Coles. They taste very good heated up in the oven! 🙂

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