Last Sunday of June 2018

We are in the midst of winter. We find the days and nights very cold at this time of the year. Apart from the winter cold we had a lot of changes in the weather during the past few weeks: A lot of rain, followed by a lot of wind, then off and on more rain. Hardly any sun, or when there was a bit of sun there was also a lot of wind. For quite a few days I had been suffering from a bad cold.

Today, on this last Sunday of the month, we finally have a lot of sun with not much wind. In the shade it is only 17C. However, it means, this is a beautiful winter day and a wonderful day to go out into the sun a bit. I suggested we drive to Kiama for an early fish and chips lunch at the harbour. Peter too likes the perch that is being sold at the fish and chips shop at Kiama Harbour. From experience we know it is good to arrive there early before the big midday rush. We managed to arrive in Kiama at 11,20 and did not have to wait long to be served our fish and chips.

On the way back home we stopped in Dapto at the Pie Shop and  got an apple pie to eat at home later this afternoon. And when we arrived home just now we indulged in some desert: Vanilla ice-cream with loganberries and some whipped cream. Delicious!


3 thoughts on “Last Sunday of June 2018

  1. You made the most of a lovely winter’s day! I love it when we’ve had some extremes in our temperatures and weather, be it too hot or too cold, and then it breaks and we have something mild. I always want to get out and do something fun. You know how to punctuate a good time with some delicious food. I like that. 🙂

    1. Thank you for commenting, dear Debra. Oh yes, for us this winter feels extremely cold this year.. Hopefully very soon there’s going to be some relief for us. Despite having suffered from quite a bit of ill health recently, both Peter and I always still enjoy our food. And we are lucky that so far we have not been seriously ill. We get tired often, but not staying in bed during the day. We are spoiled for we usually have a lot of sunshine. Especially in winter we miss the sun when there are a few days without hardly any sun.

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