On the treadmill.

I have some thoughts about the treadmill!

My breathing problems started already more than ten years ago or so. At the time I was sent to tests. I was expecting to be put on a treadmill. I was so looking forward to it. However once several tests had already been underway, the person who did the testing said a test on the treadmill would not be suitable for me. I would not be able to perform on it? Like a little girl, who had been looking forward for a treat, I felt cheated. Something similar happened to me recently. It looks I am never going to make it onto a treadmill.  So sad . . . .

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photoCupboard after French Polishing

‘Why don’t you see the doctor and get yourself checked out?’ This came to me from Helvi, one morning sipping her first coffee and my first and last tea for the day. I don’t generally see doctors unless feeling crook which is rarely. My dad was the same. He was right to avoid them. Last time he saw a doctor he was dead the next day. He died at 78 which I am now. It was on the 7th of January that he died suddenly.  We all went and flew to Holland for his funeral. I remember cleaning out his ashtrays and getting rid of his tobacco, cigarette papers and other bits and pieces. I am somewhat nervous seeing the 7th of January. It won’t be long!

I went to see the doctor because I ran out of puff just sitting on the lounge. It did not seem right. During our walks I  noticed…

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7 thoughts on “On the treadmill.

  1. I was born with a congenital heart condition so I have been on a few treadmills.
    You’re not missing out on anything by never having been on one. 🙂

    If they are checking a person’s heart, I’ve heard of a treadmill test where they can inject the patient with medicine to speed up their heart and they don’t have to get on the treadmill for their heart to be checked. I know they use that here with some who cannot do the treadmill.

    I hope Gerard does well on his new heart meds. He is such a dear sweet man. I’m glad he and Helvi have each other to help each other and care for each other. 🙂
    He is such a good blog writer, too. 🙂

    (((HUGS))) to you and Peter! 🙂

  2. Yes, the injection was given to me when I had the Myocardial heart scan done, Uta. The treadmill event was at the cardiologist. It went faster and faster and I was loosing ground getting away from the front. Nurse switched it off in time. I had to sign a disclaimer freeing the doctor from any court action. I suppose, patients could get a heart attack from those treadmills.
    Helvi did the treadmill as she too has a heart condition together with too low blood pressure.
    Perhaps you can use a treadmill from a friend and have a go, Uta.

  3. Thanks, Carolyn, for commenting on the treadmill. It makes sense to me that the patient’s heart rate can be speeded up without necessarily having to go on a treadmill. So apparently I was judged as not being able to go on a treadmill. My, my, I think I would have been in danger of falling over! I regard this as a disability and depriving me of the ‘fun’ of working out on a treadmill. Any child would probably love to work out on such an appliance, just for the fun of it! 🙂
    It is always a pleasure to read Gerard’s blogs. 🙂
    Many thanks, Carolyn, and HUGS to you too. 🙂

  4. I am glad, Gerard, that the nurse switched that thing off in time. 🙂
    Using a treadmill from a friend? No thanks. I would not dare to use one without proper medical supervision.
    I am afraid if I tried to walk fast on a treadmill I would probably very soon get quite dizzy.
    I imagine though that as a much, much younger person maybe I could have walked rather fast on a treadmill.So now I’ll never now how fit I was as a very young person. I had been able to run fast and dance fast. But these times are long gone. These days I have to do everything very slowly! At least I can still move about a bit. And on even surfaces I can even still manage to walk without a walking stick!! 🙂

  5. Thanks to both of you for that wonderful clip of Albinoni’s Adagio – it was my constant companion during my final year of university while I was writing my thesis, and just floors me every time I hear it. I want it played as I lie dying – and again at my funeral. It has a very interesting story to it … now I shall have to write a blog post or this comment will get too long! I wish all of you the best possible health care if you can’t have the best of health. Stay positive!

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