Paddington Bear

I found this in draft and want to see now what its all about.

I had a look at the above articles and then I found a video in YouTube:

Here  is what I copied from YouTube:

Paddington Bear – Please Look After This Bear


Published on Dec 14, 2011

This DVD includes 15 great episodes following the adventures of Paddington Bear. The well-meaning, but accident-prone bear from Darkest Peru in his blue duffle coat and old bush hat. Paddington has had a great many adventures since he first arrived in England, but then, as he admitted to Mr and Mrs Brown when they first came across him on Paddington Station, ‘Things are always happening to me — I’m that sort of bear!’ This is the first of four outstanding DVDs that contain the complete Paddington Bear Original TV series. Created by Michael Bond it was first broadcast in 1975 and has remained a British favourite ever since.
Great-grandson Carter owns a Paddington Bear. Would he perhaps be interested in some of these videos?

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