Sources Of Greenhouse Gases

This is a very timely article!

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It seems to me….

A more robust approach to global warming is needed if we are to avoid catastrophe. Unlike the recent financial crisis, there is no bailout option for the earth’s climate.” ~ Jose Angel Gurria[1].

A global warming of just 3 degrees Celsius could render much of the world unrecognizable and vulnerable to mass starvation (a number of studies predict yield declines of up to 70 percent for produce if the world warms beyond 2 degrees Celsius). The probability of environmental catastrophes – global warming, deforestation, ocean acidification, biodiversity extinction… – is rapidly increasing. While any single weather-event cannot conclusively be considered a harbinger of climate change, the planet is experiencing an increasing cascade of non-normal weather and climate incidents. 16 of the 17 warmest years in the 136 years of recorded weather data have all occurred since 2001 with 1998 being the only…

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