The Exile of Celia Adamson.

This is a most interesting story written by Joe Carli.
Please take the time to read the whole story. You won’t be disappointed. If you are interested in writing about life experiences yourself, you might be stimulated to write something similar yourself. It does not need to be about your own experiences, but maybe about the experiences of some people you did get to know. So now: Happy Reading!


I’ll tell you a story..A story of two lovers of vastly different lifestyles, of an age when one would never expect such a event to ever again enter one’s life. Our two lovers, for that is what they did become and they did forge a new life together for the rest of their lives..were in their mid fifties, neither were of what we would call ; “The beautiful people”…nor given to extravagant lifestyles…in short  : Plain, everyday people.

I knew them well..I am a builder. I built the house for the people in this story a long, long time ago, and that building over several months allowed me to learn about the personalities of my customers. I lived in the district as I built the house, so I also was able to study other people and trades as they came and went on the farm site. I met and was …

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3 thoughts on “The Exile of Celia Adamson.

  1. Thank you for posting that story up , Uta…I have had quite a few views on it, so I decided to give it a run on my own ‘Australian stories and yarns” site…and we will see how it goes there…
    I was reticent to put it up before as it was so much longer than what I considered most people would bother to read right through…but it seems I was wrong onthat…so thank you again..

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