This is the trunk of one of my favourite trees in the park behind where I live.

Now in the middle of March we are still on daylight saving time. The nights are already cooler but during the day we often still have more than 30C. However, we find that early in the morning it is never too warm to go for a little walk, that is we are in the habit of walking every morning for a little bit just before breakfast. I take only about 4 or 5 minutes to walk to my favourite trees in the park behind our complex of villas. Peter and I we usually leave our place together. I do walk very slowly just to stretch my legs a bit. Walking back home I  usually walk a bit faster. Peter uses some spray on his tongue that helps his breathing. He aims to walk straight away at a faster pace for 8 minutes. He walks quite a bit faster than I walk. I watch him walking in the park in the distance. On the way back, when he passes me, he calls out (just for fun!) Good Morning! And I call back: Good Morning! The whole park area feels to me very private, meaning even if I owned the whole area, I could not make any better use of it than walking there for a few minutes every morning! These days the sun comes up later and later. So often we miss out now on some sun when we walk early in the moring. However, I love the mornings, when the sun does shine through the trees! When daylight saving is finally finished, the sun will be up a little bit earlier again.


2 thoughts on “Diary

  1. I have often some breathing problems, Cat. When walking a bit faster, I need frequent rests. So while I am resting I like to do some stretching. I believe my breathing improves when I walk for a while in fresh air. I try to walk a bit every morning, I like it when there’s already a bit of sun while I’m walking! 🙂
    Cat, make some time for your beautiful park and enjoy it as much as possible. It is so lovely to be surrounded by a bit of nature! 🙂

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