The World Awaits (2016)


“The World Awaits” is a documentary feature depicting the effects of nuclear weapons and the urgent need for the nuclear states to reduce and eventually eliminate these highly destructive weapons of mass destruction. The film features interviews with noted philosopher-linguist Noam Chomsky, world renowned author-activist Helen Caldicott, MD, and David Krieger, founder of the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation. ‘The World Awaits’ presents the dangers of nuclear weapons, including recent and past close calls and almost attacks we had had over 70 years since the first use of nuclear weapons in August of 1945. The film also explores the threat of nuclear terrorism and the dangers of nuclear power plants in our world today. These three intellectuals-activists interviews are interwoven with archival footage of presidents Barack Obama, John Kennedy, Dwight Eisenhower and Harry Truman. The film makes a strong argument for never using these weapons again and how these outdated weapons and power …Written by Anonymous

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A film about the elimination of nuclear weapons.


Don Haderlein


Don Haderlein

Amsterdam International Filmmaker Festival 2018

Trophy Award
Scientific & Educational Award
Don Haderlein (director)
North Hollywood Pictures (production company)
Trophy Award
Best Film
Don Haderlein (director)
North Hollywood Pictures (production company)

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