Who Owns New Zealand Now?

Published on Oct 15, 2017
Analysis of the New Zealand housing crisis and solutions to it by award winning documentary maker Bryan Bruce


Bryan Bruce is a documentary maker and author. Born in Scotland in 1948, he emigrated with his family to New Zealand in 1956. He grew up in Christchurch and attended the University of Canterbury, where he graduated with a M.A. in sociology and philosophy. He earned a Diploma in Teaching from Christchurch Teacher’s College and taught for 10 years. He was a professional musician for 20 years before he took up a career as a documentary maker. He now resides in Auckland, New Zealand.

His published non-fiction works include the following:

His feature-length documentaries cover diverse topics, from natural history to crime.

He wrote, produced and directed the real crime show The Investigator [1] that screened on TV ONE (Television New Zealand) and CBS Reality.

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