Uta’s Diary


Today we stay home. A day, when we do not have to go anywhere, is very appreciated since days without any special appointments seem to become rarer and rarer.

So it was a couple of days ago on Monday that we paid the Bunnings Store in Wollongong a visit after Peter had seen his dentist in Corrimal. We bought some paint for the bathroom, 3 Sanding Blocks (coarse, medium and fine), as well as a very solid stepping stool.


In the afternoon Peter went to see his optometrist in Dapto. Peter needs her to sign for him that his vision is still alright for driving. She did a lot of vision tests and then said, that his vision had very much deteriorated. On the day his eyesight was so bad that she could not give him permission for renewal of his driver’s license. (The renewel is due by the end of  May. She prescribed some special eye-drops for dry eyes. Peter has to use them four times a day. The optomotrist wants to test Peter’s eyes again on Friday after Easter.

Yesterday Peter went to see his skin specialist in Corrimal. She did a bit more skin freezing on some spots on his head. From Corrimal we went to Fairy Meadow to the Leisure Coast Deli and Fruit Market, where we bought quite a lot of fruit, Vegies and a few other things. They have for instance vere good sour dough bread!

Monika came in the evening after work and made a phone call for us as promised. She contacted someone who can arrange for someone to come to our place to assess our special age related needs. Even though at the moment we can still somehow manage everything, we thought it may be better to get on a waiting list so that when we definitely do need some help we’ll be able to call on someone other than our children who definitely may not be available on a permanent basis and probably also with a lot of difficulty on some short notice.

Peter still did not get back his other hearing aids. This is a bummer!


I keep thinking what an achievement it is for Julie Shiels to have been using fabric from abandoned mattresses and refashioning it into textile sculptures!

7 thoughts on “Uta’s Diary

  1. Ah well, Ian, so far not all is lost yet. We’ll see, whether Peter’s eye-sight is going to improve somewhat. For long distance drives I’d prefer it, if one or two of our children could come along with us and do a lot of the driving. In the not so distant past there were sometimes opportunities where we could all drive together to Melbourne for instance. Alternatively, I think we oldies can always travel by train. Personally, I very much like train travels!
    Cheers! 🙂

  2. I’m so very sorry to hear about Peter’s vision.
    I hope and pray when his eyes are tested again things are better.

    What Julie Shiels is doing is wonderful!

    ((((HUGS to you and Peter))))

  3. Sorry to hear about the eyes and appointments. We know all about it and so far not a week has past without some appointment. We are lucky to live almost next door to the hospital where most of the appointments are made. I just returned from a harrowing session with the dentist after an hour or so of ‘root-canal’ treatment. I am not sure which is more painful, the treatment or getting the bill.
    And yesterday had my hearing tested at Australian Hearing, and decided to go with the best available which is a pair of aids, costing close to a fortnight luxury cruise around Norway.. They can be ‘streamed’ and through ‘Blue-Tooth’ and my iPhone they will do wonders including hearing music and videos directly ‘streamed’ into my hearing aids.

    1. Thanks for commenting, Gerard. The dentist in Corrimal did for Peter only check-ups and cleaning and then another appointment for in six months was made. But she said there is one tooth that may have to be extracted soon, for it would be too difficult to repair it. So Peter wants to keep it in for as long as possible. But if it does get painful, he has to go back to the dentist. So it looks like this is a problem tooth!
      As far as the paint job in the bathroom goes, Peter was able to start with it yesterday, and everything went very well so far. Peter is looking forward to finishing this job soon.
      I hope, you recovered from the dental treatment, dear Gerard, and everything is now just fine with your teeth. And I hope you are going to get a lot of enjoyment out of your new hearing aids!
      Peter is still waiting to get back his hearing aid for his left ear. For Easter the weather forecast looks pretty good. It feels a bit like summer again! Maybe an outing to the beach can be fitted in: That would be great! 🙂
      Best wishes for a Happy Easter for you and Helvi
      from me and Peter 🙂

      1. A happy Easter to you too, Uta and Peter. You are amazing with your trip to Victoria. We sometimes go to Sydney to visit our daughter and grandchildren but are reluctant to go much further, I don’t enjoy driving, prefer walking instead but that limits our journey to a radius of a few kilometres around our home.

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