Diary continued on Palm Sunday 2019

As a said we bought something for breakfast at Woolies in Gundagai. If I remember right, among other things we did buy a few bananas as well. And as I said we had a very good salad lunch when we arrived at our son’s place in Benalla.

I mentioned in this post what we did on our first afternoon in Benalla:


There were Peter’s pictures to go with it.


At our son’s place we had some afternoon tea in the backyard. Of course it was a sunny afternoon. Benalla has not had any good rain for many, many months. Everyone is worried, the place will soon be running out of water for the residents, if they do not get some good rain very soon.

This is the lunch we had on Sunday, the 7th of April, at Benalla’s Bowling Club. Peter had roast pork and vegies and I had a ‘stack’ of vegies.

This was served for breakfast while we were at Martin’s.

I think for another breakfast we had baked beans on toast. Martin is always out to please us when we stay at his place.

On Monday, the 8th of April, was Martin’s birthday. He turned 59. We arrived in Australia by boat from Germany in 1959. So our 60th Anniversary is coming up! We gave Martin a globe for his birthday that he liked very much.


This is where we went for lunch on Martin’s birthday.


Back in Gundagai on Tuesday we had a lovely lunch at the Bistro of the Gundagai Hotel. This is the picture that Peter took of our lunch. I had plain vegies with some delicious mashed potatoes and a small beer. Peter had all the vegies and mashed potatoes as well plus a huge piece of chicken Schnitzel.And naturally a beer too.









On Wednesday morning the bakery was open for business by the time we got there. We had coffee there and some toasted sandwhiches. Then we were off to Gunning. I already published a few pictures of Peter’s about Gunning in that other blog. Here now are some more pictures that I took with my camera:




The Post Office Lady was on her own. When I bought some overseas stamps from her, she asked me for how long I would still be in Australia. Apparently she thought I was a tourist.

The Post Office woman was indeed very friendly and had quite a long conversation with me. When I mentioned that I had resided in Australia since 1959,she was indeed surprised. I told her about our trip and how tiring it was for Peter to have to do all this driving and that we liked Australia and how many children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren we had here, but that we still had brother and sister in Germany.


The next rest stop for us was at Belmore Park in Goulburn where I only took this picture:


The Park is as beautiful as ever. Also there are some very good public toilets there!

We had another rest stop at the Robertson Pie Shop. I think the Robertson pies are still very good. I had a beef curry pie as usual and with tomato sauce of course. Very tasty! Peter had a beef mushroom pie as usual. We also took some fruit pies home: As usual!

The drive down Macquarie Pass went very well. And soon we were home, home, home!


2 thoughts on “Diary continued on Palm Sunday 2019

  1. Thank you for all your good wishes, dear Carolyn. πŸ™‚
    I like your comments very much! πŸ™‚
    HUGS!!! And we wish you HAPPY EASTER!!! πŸ™‚

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