Thirty Years ago

So, here in this memory blog you can see pictures from 30 years ago!



These pictures are from the RBTU Holiday Park.

In 1989 my brother Peter Uwe came  to visit us. He stayed with us for a few weeks. Unfortunately it rained most of the time while he stayed with us at Oak Flats. Only during our one weeks stay with him at Sussex Inlet we had beautiful sunshine. Looking at this blog about Sussex Inlet brings back memories. Here is the link to the blog about Sussex Inlet in April of 1989:

My, my, my, this was nearly thirty years ago!

Soon after waking up in the morning Caroline, Troy and Ryan go outside to greet a kangaroo.

Caroline with her Dad
Ryan and his boat


On the 31st of May 1959 Peter and I arrived with the P&O liner “STRAITHAIRD” in Port Melbourne. Six months old Monika and twenty months old Gabriele were…

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3 thoughts on “Thirty Years ago

  1. Caroline was 10 in Dec 1988. She is our daughter. OUR GRANDSONS, Troy and Ryan, are the twin sons of our daughter Monika. They turn 40 this month! So in April 1989 they were not even ten yet . . . 🙂

  2. Beautiful memories, Uta. Such lovely family photos. I have many from thirty years ago that look somehow similar. Where does time go? It sure goes quickly. You have a lovely family.

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