Memories from our Visit to the Blue Mountains in July 2018


One year ago we spent some time in the Blue Mountains. Here are some pictures we took at the time:

We had some Christmas in July Dinner where we stayed at the Echo Point Motel:


The Echo Point Hotel was in Kattomba only a few steps away from the Three Sisters:






We saw some cabbages in front Bygone Beautys Treasured Tearooms in the village of Leura within the Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area.:


Amazingly, Cabbages can be used in this decorative way



So this is where we went for some delicious treats:



We went inside and had some lovely tea. And we shared some nice warm apple strudel as well!


4 thoughts on “Memories from our Visit to the Blue Mountains in July 2018

  1. Hello, Uta…You both still lead an adventurous life!…more power to you both..and though this was 2018, I see your recent posts on the places you visit now…I hope I am as active and keen when I reach such years!….It was sad to hear that Helvi had a bad fall..such setbacks are a nusiance to say the least…
    I was reading some of your comments to stories on my page and I felt terrible that I have lapsed in my communications with yourself, Peter and so many others…I put it down to the crushing dissapointment in the last election..I have lost incentive to post political articles and have gone into a kind of social media reclusive state…except to vent some vitriol on Twitter!!
    I have been putting up only stories now on The AIMN…perhaps that is the better way to deliver a message of the need to care for our environment and each other…
    Give my regards to Peter..he too is an inspiration..I have so much respect for your generation and those early folk, and I do wonder if those difficult times of the pioneers of this country created the courage and determination in the people, whereas these times of aspirational materialism have made so many both cruel and grasping with little staying power when the times get tough?

    1. “. . . To care for the environment and each other . . . ” What could be more life supporting? Indeed, I believe it is essential for our survival! If you can make the time, Joe, please look at this post I published just now:

      Here is what Peter published on Facebook some time ago. I saw it today and Peter did let me copy it:

      “Today we had lunch at the “Yellow Deli” at Katoomba. It is run by the same cult, the “Twelve Tribes”; as the “Common Ground Bakery” is near Picton where we were four weeks ago. It is a cosy little place where the service and the food are excellent. On a cold day, like today, we loved the hot apple cider that warms you up.”

      No doubt whatsoever, Joe, food and service at this cafe are excellent, and lots and lots of people like it. But what about this cult “The Twelve Tribes”? When you google it, I think, it becomes very scary to think about the implications. Or what do you think?

  2. Very good, to hear from you, Joe. About the Blue Mountains, right, this was last year. It feels good, that we made it another year. Every extra year, where we can still do a few things, does feel like a bonus to us. The other day we did get hand-rails attached in the shower, next to the toilet and at the entrance to our house. These are very much to my liking! Hopefully they might help in preventing any nasty falls in the house . . .
    Helvi was so unlucky with that fall on one of her walks. Hopefully the worst is over now, and she is healing all right.
    When I venture on my own these days for a little walk, I like to carry my walking stick with me for support! Peter and I have been fairly lucky so far in that we both already had several falls, but none of them resulted in severe damage. I try my upmost to do everything very slowly and thoughtfully . . . Why. oh why, is this so difficult for me to learn properly?
    I am very grateful for every bit of extra time that I may have left. I tell myself, I should make good use of it! . . . .
    About the message of the need to care for our environment and each other:
    I think, the more this message is spread the more there is a chance that we might eventually get a better government. So, keep hoping!

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