In Picton and Katoomba in 2018

In June 2018 we stopped here:

Common Ground Cafe & Bakery @ The Razorback Inn




We liked the hot apple cider. This was just the right thing to have on a cold winter day. I also had a very good pumpkin soup and Peter had a chicken pie and salad.



This is the Entrance to the Cafe at the Razorback Inn in Picton

One year ago Peter mentioned the following on Facebook, and Facebook reminded Peter today of that entry which Peter allowed me to copy here:

27/07/2019 11:06 AM
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Today we had lunch at the “Yellow Deli” at Katoomba. It is run by the same cult, the “Twelve Tribes”; as the “Common Ground Bakery” is near Picton where we were four weeks ago. It is a cosy little place where the service and the food are excellent. On a cold day, like today, we loved the hot apple cider that warms you up.


7 thoughts on “In Picton and Katoomba in 2018

  1. Hello Uta…that cult group seems to have it’s toes dipped into the waters of Judaism…what with it’s name and all…I suppose it hooked up with the food selling idea like the Hari Krishnas and their vegitarian food cafes they had back in the same era…I suppose they are like the other religeos around the place..trying to cash in on “The Jesus Principle”….waste of time I would say…but then, it’s their time to waste!

    1. Hm, interesting, Joe. It is just, that I reckon the idea to care for the environment and to care for each other is not a bad idea. But why can it not be done in a more mainstream way and without any fundamentalist ideas? I mean, it is really absolutely necessary and essential for us to care for the environment, isn’t it? And it is also essential that we care for each other, right? So, does not every human being have a basic need to work on this? Admittedly, ‘aspirational materialism’ interferes a lot with these ‘idealistic ideas’. This is why we need charismatic leaders that can convince without resorting to fundamentalism!
      About Australian politics and recent election results:To my mind Shorten nearly made it. I find it strange that he could not be given another chance as leader. But then, I probably do not understand the political system well enough. Now, Anthony Albanese has a hard task to get voters to vote Labor in next time!

      1. Trouble is, the worst instincts of humanity (the seven deadly sins) are hard-wired in us, while the better instincts seem to have to be taught or learned the hard way..
        As for Shorten…I ask myself..after all that effort and then to be so badly supported, would I want to go through it all again?…

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