A few Questions I asked in a Comment I made a few Days ago

‘. . . . enormous changes are coming, probably for you and definitely for your children and grandchildren.’  This is what Chris Martenson says in his article from January 26,  2019:

By Chris Martenson: Collapse is Already Here


In a comment to my above post I ask the following questions:

A drop in living standards to sustainable levels? It seems to me, hardly anyone is prepared for a drop in their living standards especially if our leaders do not have the guts to insist on it.
What then is most likely to happen in the near future?
Some more far thinking people tell us, something catastrophic may happen, namely the collapse of our natural support systems. . . . The majority of people so far resist believing all this. especially when the leaders give the impression that it is all right to just continue with our way of living the way it is. So, why change anything when we have such a ‘good life’; isn’t this the attitude of most people?

11 thoughts on “A few Questions I asked in a Comment I made a few Days ago

  1. I suspect what will happen is what is already happening now, but will increase in regularity and severity…These viruses of influenza and other bacterial infections to the lungs (airborne fungal spores) and food infections through contaminated animals etc….It will start from the smallest things before it builds to the larger things….ie; first come the climate catastrophies that congregate the people..then come the infections….we have seen examples of plagues throughout history…and even today with the Ebola disease in Africa…

    1. Joe, free f all, do you think with all our knowledge it ought to be possible to make significant changes so we can adapt to a new way living? Maybe, just maybe, in future there’s going to be a lot of pressure on our politicians to radically change their policies . . . . What do you think?
      You’re of course right, a lot of it is happening already now. Once politicians realise that we are in a deep crisis, and once they are ready to change and adapt, it may be too late to stop all the bad things. But perhaps a little bit can still be saved. I must say, I like to hang onto some kind of optimism rather than all out pessimism. A lot of things do need to be changed, and the sooner the better . . . . !!!

      1. Uta….Put yourself in “their” shoes…by “Their”, I am referring to those who want to maintain a standard of living they have become accustomed to….The reality being that over-population is shrinking the “kitty” so that more means less…and perhaps even revolution when things become desperate…what would you do if you had to choose between options?

        Back when this State (SA) was first settled, NOT as a colony, but as a province…there was a document called “Letters Patent” that was the list of proviso’s signed off by the British Parliament and the King of England for those original “SA. Company” directors to legally follow if they wanted to settle here…one of the provisions was to buy land off the Indigenous peoples at fair price and leave them in peace to follow their culture and tribal ways….which meant that such would impede the “colony” from expanding and speculating on the land…so something had to give…the natives were decimated by allowing diseases to do its job without impedement…and with even a touch of encouragement.

        Given the choice between adapting to climate change with an expanding and more dependent population, or “allowing natural contrition” to lower the population and therefore maintain “Their” standard of lifestyle to which They had become accustomed, I suspect “They” will follow such precedent.

  2. I wonder, Joe, who at present is They and who is Us. With worsening disasters due to climate change, sure, the very poor initially are going to suffer most, but in the end all these disasters are going to effect us all, even the very rich. “Allowing natural contrition” won’t be a choice, natural contrition is going to happen whether we want it or not. And if people are going to choose to fight wars instead of sticking together and helping each other out. well, if people choose war while all these natural disasters are occuring, then mankind will probably be reduced immensely . . .

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    This post I published a few weeks ago. I actually did get quite a few likes for it and even some comments. But I reblog it to see whether perhaps a few more people would like to say something about this subject . . .

  4. The Ant.
    The ant, in silence, goes about
    It’s ordered business,
    It builds nests,
    And it knows.
    The worm, in depths of dark, damp Earth,
    Tunnels and turns,
    In silence,
    And it knows.
    Humanity, goes about its intent,
    With all the noise and rancour
    Of accrued wisdom,
    But it knows not.

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