A few Questions I asked in a Comment I made a few Days ago

This post I published a few weeks ago. I actually did get quite a few likes for it and even some comments. But I reblog it to see whether perhaps a few more people would like to say something about this subject . . .


‘. . . . enormous changes are coming, probably for you and definitely for your children and grandchildren.’  This is what Chris Martenson says in his article from January 26,  2019:

By Chris Martenson: Collapse is Already Here


In a comment to my above post I ask the following questions:

A drop in living standards to sustainable levels? It seems to me, hardly anyone is prepared for a drop in their living standards especially if our leaders do not have the guts to insist on it.
What then is most likely to happen in the near future?
Some more far thinking people tell us, something catastrophic may happen, namely the collapse of our natural support systems. . . . The majority of people so far resist believing all this. especially when the leaders give the impression that it is all right to just continue with our way of living the way…

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