Global warming, “grass” farming and a planned economy

“. . . 60% of the corn produced in the US goes to feed cattle on the feed lots, known as “Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations” or CAFO’s.” You say: “CAFO – an environmental disaster and cruel to the animals.” Finding out about these methods, you may perhaps want to stop eating beef?

Oakland Socialist

As the Global Climate Strike date (Sept. 20) approaches, the question that will be on the minds of millions will be: “Is there a possible way to avoid a disaster that could threaten the existence of life on earth?” Michael Pollan’s book The Omnivore’s Dilemma helps provide an answer, and that answer is “yes”, but with some qualifications. Here’s why:

Teosinte, the plant that was evolved into corn

A short history of corn
Pollan starts with an explanation of corn, which
is the largest crop grown in the United States.Corn seems to have evolved from the grass called teosinte. It is a most unusual plant, starting with the unusual way in which it recruits carbon from the atmosphere, also known as photosynthesis. Most plants create carbon compounds that have three carbon atoms. Corn has a simple trick: It creates compounds with four such atoms. That sounds like a…

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