Wildfires: Planet emergency BY OAKLANDSOCIALIST ON JULY 30, 2018

Wildfires: Planet emergency

Wildfires burning throughout California

In this Planet Emergency article the following question is asked:

“Human” caused or capitalism caused?
“We all know what is happening: Global climate disruption. And, no, it’s not caused by god, nor by “people”; it’s caused by capitalism. Unable to do anything but strive for the quickest, most immediate short term profits, capitalism is destroying the environment and taking the future of all life on the planet with it. And the representatives of capitalism are burying the issue.”


3 thoughts on “Wildfires: Planet emergency BY OAKLANDSOCIALIST ON JULY 30, 2018

  1. In general, I agree with this article statement. My kids live in Oakland…this is the first October in a few years that the surrounding area isn’t on fire. Of course it’s early in the season!

  2. Our fire seasons start earlier and earlier and last longer and longer, Debra.

    This is what the warning was on Sept. 9th:

    “Australia is battling over 100 wildfires across two states, with authorities warning that the severe blazes are an “omen” of a brutal fire season to come. . . . ”

    ‘A brutal fire season to come . . . ‘ This does sound pretty scary to me!

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