ABC announces probe into feminist Q&A episode after audience complaints

Monday night's Q&A panel with guest host Fran Kelly.
Monday night’s Q&A panel with guest host Fran Kelly. Source: ABC

Minister for Communications Paul Fletcher said the decision to investigate Monday night’s Q&A program was “appropriate”.


“The ABC will investigate whether Monday night’s episode of Q&A breached editorial standards after receiving several audience complaints about the language and ideas expressed by the panel.

The entirely non-male panel featured high-profile feminists – Egyptian-American writer Mona Eltahawy, Indigenous screenwriter Nayuka Gorrie, journalist Jess Hill, business leader Hana Assafiri and anti-ageism campaigner Ashton Applewhite – ahead of this weekend’s Broadside Festival, hosted by the Wheeler Centre.

ABC Managing Director David Anderson said the intention of the panel was to “present challenging ideas from high-profile feminists” but he acknowledged the program was “provocative in regard to the language used and some of the views presented”.

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4 thoughts on “ABC announces probe into feminist Q&A episode after audience complaints

  1. I believe that women have the right to defend themselves against domestic violence and rape. Here in New Zealand the legal system does very little to protect them. Less that 5% of rapes are brought to trial, and the rate of prosecution of wife batterers is even lower.

  2. Stuart, I wonder whether these complaints came from male or female viewers. These people who complained, do they also speak up about domestic violence and rape?
    Are they disgusted that again and again people are being killed in domestic violence outbursts?

  3. #MosqueMeToo founder takes aim at Australia’s ‘retrograde’ misogyny, racism
    “I think violence is OK because if someone is trying to kill you, there’s no amount of ‘but I’m really clever. I’m really articulate … ’, no amount of that will save you. Let’s burn stuff,” they said.

    In a video posted by Q&A on Thursday, Ms Assafiri clarified that she did not support the use of violence.

    “Violence is never a go-to position for me. Violence begets violence,” she said.

    “I wanted us to engage in a different conversation where our intelligence and wisdom could elevate the conversation and we could lead on progressing a different conversation.”

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