Everyone Dies Alone



On the third of January 2019 I wrote and published the following about this movie that is based on a true story:

“Hans Fallada’s book is based on a true story, and this film was made based on Fallada’s book. We saw the film in German. When I say German, I would like to point out, most actors spoke with a very strong Berlin dialect! The acting was very good. However some of the characters in this story are so disgusting that it is hard to watch them. And these very disgusting characters were the ones in powerful positions and the more gentle and better educated characters were always powerless to do anything against the most horrible excesses of those in power. The film shows what happens to simple, not very well educated people that just lead an ordinary life when for some reason they object to how the regime treats them – in this case the Nazi regime.

This movie is set in 1940 in Berlin. Maybe at the time the majority of the population would not have objected much to the way the war was handled by the Nazis. They may have still believed that it was important to support all the war efforts. The propaganda was, that you had to make sacrifices for the good of the nation. If your son died in battle, even if it was your only son, you should be proud of him that he died a war hero. And so on. Only slowly, after several years of war, more and more people would regard this continuing war as madness and wanting to protest against it. It was common knowledge that any protesters would be severely punished. The resistance fighters would have been well aware that protesting against the regime would mean certain death if they were caught.


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:

Everyone Dies Alone (Original title: Jeder stirbt für sich allein) is a 1976 West German drama film adapted from the Hans Fallada novel Every Man Dies Alone. The book was based on the story of two ordinary Germans, Otto and Elise Hampel, who committed acts of civil disobedience against the Third Reich, were caught and sentenced to death.

4 thoughts on “Everyone Dies Alone

  1. Sounds like an important book and movie.
    How are you doing?
    How is Peter doing?
    I am keeping busy, too busy…but I am so grateful and content with life! Life is beautiful! 🙂
    HUGS for both of you!

  2. If your country fights a war, how can you protest against it? It may get you into enormous trouble! Why are there always wars? How can wars be prevented? Who actually are truly fighters for peace? Carolyn, I do think these are difficult questions. I always find that books and movies are very interesting that deal with this theme from the standpoint of a very ordinary family. How can such a family cope with war conditions? What are their options? Do they still have a life that is worth living?
    Good to know, Carolyn, that you keep yourself busy and are content with your life. I try to keep on top of things, but find it often gets very difficult at my age. Usually Peter intervenes when I cannot think anymore what to do about some changes that overwhelm me. A lot of things Peter can handle much better than I. But he gets sometimes stuck too, and, believe it or not, both of us are constantly running out of energy. It helps then, when we suppot each other. We just keep on living as well as possible. There are still a lot of things we can be grateful for!!
    However, some things I had to struggle with quite a bit recently and I want to write about it. I am looking forward to soon be able to do a bit of journaling again!
    Thanks for thinking of Peter and me, dear Carolyn. It really made my day, or should I say evening, for it is now already nighttime in Australia.
    Hugs for you from me and Peter 🙂

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