Remembering München and some Memories about our Stay in Berlin in 2012


It was the morning after my cousin’s funeral. My cousin’s son-in-law went out early in the morning to get some bread rolls for the family’s breakfast. I asked, could come with him for the walk. I wanted to familiarize myself a bit with my cousin’s surroundings, to get more of a feeling about the area where she had lived. So we went for the short walk to the baker’s shop. I had my camera with me. Looking at some of the displays at the basker’s, I couldn’t stop myself from taking a few photos. I think the shop assistant behind the counter looked at me a bit puzzled. She probably thought I was odd taking pictures. Looking at the pictures now I still think the displays look very appealing.

It’s remarkable that all the items are priced. When it says ‘Euro 1,45’ this means it costs less than two Australian Dollars. A piece of cake like this in a cake-shop in Australia would cost more than twice as much!

We went to the KaDeWe today. We bought a very long, crusty loaf called ‘bark-bread’ Lovely treats with our coffee Peter checks his phone Amongst a lot of sweets and chocolates we found this This creation of the Brandenburg Gate is made out ofmarzipan, 50 kilogram of marzipan were used for it.It took 150 working hours to design it!

Some more copies about what I wrote in 2012 about our stay in Germany that year:

Today (2012/10/06) is already the last day of the fourth week of our stay in Germany.  The week started with Sunday when we went with Angie on a beautiful boat-tour through the city. The following day (Monday, 1st October), we met Angie at Bellevue-S-Bahn-Station  and had morning coffee with her at Thürmann Baker’s Cafe at Hansaplatz U-Bahn-Station. There’s a Post Office at Hansaplatz from where Angie sent off a parcel to one of her sisters. The weather was very pleasant again. Just right for a lovely walk through Tiergarten towards the Victory Column. Angie enjoyed this walk with us. Later on we met Ilse and Finn at the Italian Restaurant close to Hansaplatz, where the five of us had a very satisfying lunch again outside in the garden area.

Afternoon coffee and cake we had upstairs in our little apartment. Angie had booked in at the newly opened Holiday Inn at Alexanderplatz. She left on Tuesday to fly back to America. Peter and I went to Prenzlauer Berg on Tuesday and had dumplings at a restaurant near Rosenthalerplatz.

Wednesday it was time to travel ‘Criss-Cross-Through-the-Country’ to Munich for my cousin’s Urn-Burial on Thursday. On Friday we travelled back to Berlin. Travelling time was about nine hours. We just had to change trains frequently. That way we were able to travel at a much reduced price. For the two nights in Munich we stayed with my cousin’s family. We love this family. They are such friendly people. Even though it was a very sad occasion to meet them, we still had a good time with them.

So far we’ve had always friendly weather during our stay in Germany. Today is the first day where it is quite cold, wet and dark outside.




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