Manifest20 Prompts

7. Post your favorite photo of yourself taken during the past year.

8. If money was no object, is there anything you would purchase that would help you fulfill a dream next year?  What would it be and how would it change your life?

I was pretty busy over the weekend this is why I now want to catch up with Nr.7 and 8:

I start with Nr. 8. I think money is always an object, sort of. I reckon Peter and I live a fairly comfortable life in our retirement since we own our own small three bedroom cottage. We have always been very careful about staying within our means.Sometimes wethink  that it would be nice to have a bit more money. But we are not the sort of people who constantly think about doing something just to have more, more, more.

There are certain basic things we would like to have in our old age that would make life a bit more comfortable for us. We would like for instance to have enough money to pay for some regular cleaning services. We are getting more and more feeble. Some cleaning and maintenance jobs are just getting too hard for us!

Now to Nr. 7:

I walked to this tree on a cool winter morning in August 2019. Peter took this picture of me. This is one of my favourite trees. I am glad I can still go on these early morning walks with the help of my walking stick. I really enjoy walking in the morning. Often it is cloudy now or even smoky from all the bushfires. So an early morning with clear air and a bit of sunshine is very special!

Now, in December, we are in the midst of summer in Australia. The last few months it was often hazy with clouds all over the sky, yet we had hardly any rain and everything dries out a lot. And this nearly everywheree in Australia. So the bushfires all over Australia are extremely worrying this year. Some bushfires have been going already for many months and are steadily on the increase, threatening communities. The firefighters have a hard time keeping the flames away from built up areas. A few people already lost properties that could not be saved from the approaching bushfires. Some of the firefighters, poor chaps, get hardly any rest and have at times to cope with less than three hours sleep! It is always good to hear when new helpers arrive to support the struggling firefighters. A lot of the firefighters actually are volunteers. There is a rumour that some volunteers get their normal pay only by forgoing some holiday pay. I think they should get extra holiday pay! How about government payouts for the firefighting effort? I wonder whether this is being considered. . . .

2 thoughts on “Manifest20 Prompts

  1. Wonderful photo of you and Your Tree, Uta! 🙂 I love to hug trees!
    Sorry to hear about the fires continuing. 😦 It’s sad that the important people (firefighters, teachers, etc.) often don’t get paid well. 😦

  2. Yes Carolyn, I always love to touch one of these trees! 🙂
    Peter and I went to our favourite cinema today and saw a film with Helen Mirren:

    Very much worth watching! 🙂

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