December Writing Challenge/ Prompts:

  1. Choose one word which you would like to embody during 2020 as a sort of theme for the year. How would you like to see this word manifest in your life?
  2. Who inspired you in 2019? Why? What gifts did they give you? How will you carry these forward in 2020?
  3. What made you feel joyful in 2019? What steps can you take to create more joyful moments in the coming year?
  4. What goals did you accomplish in 2019 that you’re proud of? How will your achievement continue to benefit you or others in the future?
  5. What musical discovery did you make this year? Share a memory involving music or tell us what artist or song would feature on the soundtrack of your life for 2019?
  6. What surprised you in 2019


Today I want to write about Nr.  6!

So, what surprised me in 2019?

Did it surprise me that Greta Thunberg continued to get so much media attention? She is a very determined young woman, only sixteen, but she stuck it out, did not hesitate to live by her principles. To find supporters that made it possible for her to travel for instance by boat to the Americas and back again. Well, this was quite an achievement!

Yes, in a way it did surprise me that Greta was able to get such an enormous support!

I want to keep it brief. So I only want to mention, that I find it surprising that so many people these days are able to live into their eighties or nineties. I would be surprised, if Peter and I were able to make it to the nineties! Somehow, I cannot quite imagine it. I am surprised about every year that we are still alive.

Just recently I was surprised that independent Senator Jacqui Lambie voted with the government to repeal the medevac bill. It does not seem to make sense, not at all.

Here is an interesting link to an article about the repeal bill:

Australia is at present in the grip of enormous draught as well as disastrous bushfires with soaring temperatures and extremely strong winds. The government says, this is quite normal for Australia. A lot of people here want to talk about it why there is so much climate change, but the government says there is no need to talk about it or to do something about it. Am I surprised that our government acts this way? No, not at all. The Australian voters voted the present government in. It surprised me at the time. And I’ll be still more surprised, should they be voted in again at the next election.







3 thoughts on “December Writing Challenge/ Prompts:

  1. I was disappointed that the Medevac bill was repealed but not surprised. There still is a resistance to accepting foreign people, foreign languages, and foreign cultures. Despite the millions of migrants the remnants of this suspicion of the foreign still linger. This obsession with foreigners having to hurry to learn English is an example There are many countries where several languages are spoken at the same time. It makes it interesting.

    Only yesterday at my bowling club lunch, people were quite brazenly blaming the shocking Australian educational standards on too many foreign children at schools not able to speak English. What an outdated misconception. Mind you, they are roughly my age and they grew up with the White Australian policy. I suspect that Dutton et all would not mind returning to this White Australian Policy.

    I am sure the younger generation are different. I hope so.

  2. Oh yes , I too was very disappointed that the Medevac bill was repealed. But Labor did not go along with it, Gerard, did they now? And neither did the Greens. The government depended on some independents to get the bill through. Finally it turned out that without Jacqui Lambie’s vote the bill could not have been passed. Jacqui Lambie must have been promised something, otherwise she would not have voted with the government. But what did they promise her? That is the question, Gerard.

    Senator Lambie said “the lack of info was due to national security concerns.”

    “I know that’s frustrating to people and I get that,” Senator Lambie said in Parliament yesterday.

    “I don’t like holding things back like this. But when I say I can’t discuss it publicly due to national security concerns, I am being 100 per cent honest to you.”

    Any idea what sort of “national security concerns” she is refering to?

    Of course, the younger generation is a bit smarter and knows, you cannot turn the clock back and introduce another “White Australia” policy.

    I must say, that Jacqui Lambie could be persuaded to vote with the government disappointed me no end. It also surprised me very much that they were able to do it, for you could see that she was not happy about it that she ‘had’ to vote with the government. Really, why did she ‘have’ to do it? What on earth are the security reasons that she mentioned? And total secrecy because of security? What sort of democracy do we live in?

  3. While Jacqui Lambie could have voted differently, I still hold that fear of the foreign and the associated xenophobia is still wide-spread within the community, of course fanned on enthusiastically by our government, especially Morrison and Dutton. Not long ago Dutton proposed to give South African (white) farmers a leg up in visa applications!
    Scott Morrison announced that the Federal Arts Department will be rolled into a department that also incorporates Roads and Rail.

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