Experimental Photos on a dark Sunday Winter Morning June 2014

On that winter morning in June 2014 I wrote that the sun did not come out at all.
Now in January 2020 in the midst of the Australian summer I am reminded that we have recently had hardly any sun. Always a hazy sky, sometimes a little bit of rain, sometimes smoke from some bushfires that are surrounding us from a long distance away. Yes, blue sky with a bit of sunshine is very rare these days!



RIMG0076 (2)




RIMG0082 (2)

RIMG0082 (3)

I have my laptop in a very small easy to heat room. I love this small space on a cold winter morning. It feels so snugly warm. Still I have diverse layers of clothes on. I am out to keep as warm as possible. I do not want to catch a cold. With temperatures like we have right now I cannot be too careful! The forecast for today is: Cloudy, windy, max. temperature 16 C.  This means no sun! Doesn’t sound very good, not good at all. If it gets very windy, I better stay indoors. I do not like cold wind!

Peter is watching a football game in the living room: England versus Italy. I took my coffee to this computer room to occupy myself with taking pictures rather than watching another football game so soon after yesterday’s game: Chile versus Australia. I liked the way the Australians played…

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One thought on “Experimental Photos on a dark Sunday Winter Morning June 2014

  1. It’s wonderful to have indoor-fun-things to do when what is going on outside is not-so-good! 🙂
    Great photos, Uta! 🙂
    The dark-days-gloomy-days weather-wise make us appreciate the good-weather-days!
    And no-matter-what-the-weather-day we can always have the sun shining in our hearts!
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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