Bandt’s big business bash

ABC journalist Anna Henderson is just back from the Adam Bandt press conference.

Anna Henderson


Bandt says party members should have a say in leadership in the future, but not until federal conference in May sorts out the process. @Clarke_Melissa @abcnews

Anna Henderson


Bandt – says some big companies should be held partially responsible for the summer bushfires @abcnews @jacksongs

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Here’s her take on Bandt’s comments about the responsibility of companies in the resources sector:
Adam Bandt has hit the ground running as the new leader of The Greens, taking aim at big corporations in the fossil fuel industry.
He has warned “big business that makes its money by killing people” should be worried.
It’s no surprises to hear The Greens promoting the future of the renewable sector, one of their key policy platforms, but this language was strong.
According to the new leader gas, coal and oil companies are unsustainable.
“Your business model is predicated on threatening human life,” he said.
He also said those big corporations share liability with the government for the devastation over summer.
Bandt said those companies are eventually going to be “held to account financially” and company directors are going to be answerable as well.

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