Noam Chomsky (2): On the Lesser of Two Evils

NC: “Now, if you care about Israel, what you tell them is you’re sacrificing security for expansion. And it’s going to have a consequence. It’s going to lead to moral deterioration internally, and decline in status internationally, which is exactly what happened.”

O Society

PleaseRobert Scheer interviews Noam Chomsky (part 2) edited by O Society Jan 18, 2020

Robert Scheer: 

They all started out as sympathetic to some notion of Zionism. And a lot of it informed by the Holocaust, the tragedy occurred for Jews, and the feeling maybe there could not be assimilation, or a place for Jews in the world. We know these arguments.

The people attacked in this book, From Hannah Arendt to Noam Chomsky: Did the Left Get Zionism and Israel Totally Wrong?, are all attacked for daring to raise questions about the performance of this state and the Zionist experiment, particularly in its relation to the Palestinians and notions many of us, myself included, who are Jewish thought were built into a kind of universalism of the Jewish experience, and a concern for the other, and so forth.

And we are at a moment, again, as we are…

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