How The Netherlands Became The World’s Second Largest Agricultural Exporter

” If you didn’t like the video then you know what to do. However, if you liked it please show us you did as it helps boost morale in our fight against procrastination. If somebody asked you to name the top three countries for agricultural export, the Netherlands probably wouldn’t feature. But, in actuality, the Dutch have masterfully played the exportation game to their advantage, and, in doing so, have become the second largest agricultural exporter in the world. In the agricultural sector, the Dutch are predominantly known for producing high-quality goods (in terms of vegetables – tomatoes and chillies, dairy – cheese and milk, in addition to numerous kinds of flowers and plants.) Therefore, they’re not only voluminous in terms of how much they physically shift, but also in the quality of their products. So,how did the Netherlands manage to conquer the market and take over? As the Dutch themselves would say, laten we leren!”

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