In November 2013 I had a carpal tunnel relief operation!



This picture was taken on Thursday, 21st November 2013, the day after my operation. We were out for ninety minutes. When we arrived back home we soon noticed that our place had been burgled.RIMG0629


On that Thursday we had had breakfast with Caroline and Matthew in our backyard. Little did we know on that beautiful morning that we would be burgled on the same day while we were out for lunch!


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2 thoughts on “AFTER THE OP

  1. Thanks, Carolyn, for thinking of us! 🙂
    The burglary is well into the past. I hope anything like this wont happen to us again.
    Right now, we are doing alright. We also have very pleasant sunny weather. 🙂
    Hopefully you have good weather too, especially on Mothers Day! 🙂
    HUGS with Love from Uta and Peter 🙂

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