A Sunny Sunday in Sydney

I copied this Blog now with Pictures!

auntyutaDiary  March 12, 2012 1 Minute

We arrived at 10,30 am at Martin Place station to meet Angie and Roy at 11 am. We walked along Macquarie Street to their hotel and Peter took some pictures along the way. When we arrived at the hotel they offered us refreshments straightaway. And we soon got into talking amiably.

Later on we had Japanese lunch with them at the Opera House. The sky had cleared for the day. In beautiful sunshine we walked up to the Opera House. Peter took some pictures. When my lunch arrived Peter took a picture of that too. I had ordered a vegetarian roll. It looked beautiful with the avocado on top and cut up in small pieces. Somehow I managed to eat all this with chopsticks! I spiced every piece with soy sauce, horseradish and ginger. Delicious! The others had ordered something with fish. They all commented that my dish looked much more colourful.

After lunch we walked through the Botanical Gardens and Peter took some more pictures. By 2 pm we were back in Macquarie Street where Angie and Roy were staying at the InterContinental.They had tickets for a concert for later in the afternoon at the Opera House. So it worked out well that they could have a little rest before going out again. Peter and I wanted to catch our train back home from Martin Place. We had had a lovely day with two people we had never met before. But some of Angie’s family are known to us. They all were emailed some photos of yesterday’s meeting. One of Angie’s sisters, who lives in England, already emailed back saying she and her husband were planning to travel to Melbourne next year to see their two sons there and meet other family members. It’s such a small world! Peter worked out that a lot of the descendents of his paternal grandparents already live in Australia.

Angie and Roy travel today, Monday, to South Australia and to the Barossa Valley. They stay in Australia for two weeks only. During this time they also plan to fly to Alice Springs (to see ULURU), as well as to Cairns and from there back home to America. I think in Sydney they had had only three days.

3 thoughts on “A Sunny Sunday in Sydney

  1. First I just reblogged this earlier in the day. The reblog did not show any pictures. This is why I copied this blog then a bit later with all the pictures. To the reblog Cat made a comment and I answered:

    ‘Time does fly, indeed, Cat. When we talked this morning about how we were able to see Angie and Roy in Sydney, we had an idea that we could afford to spend a couple of nights in the InterContinental where Angie and Roy had stayed. Why not support our regional hotels? All the visitors who cannot travel overseas because of the Corona Virus could save money by not travelling very far anymore and could instead stay close by in hotels!’

    We lived in Australia since 1959 and we are at home here after all those years. However we went over the years for lots of visits to Berlin, the city where both Peter and I did grow up in and where we still have family and friends. The last time we visited Berlin was in 2016. We would have loved to visit Berlin again. But because of the Corona Virus and also our very advanced age apart from environmental reasons we are pretty sure now that another visit by Peter or me is kind of not feasible anymore. We are really better off to totally forget about it, which is easier said than done.

    From the InterConinental in Macquarie Street it is only a few steps to the Botanic Gardens. I think I would enjoy spending a couple of days at the InterContinental and go for walks in the BotanicGardens with my Rollator! 🙂

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