Our Garden

Our Garden looked like this in 2013!

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Just before Christmas we planted something new at the side of our house which belongs to our private backyard. Now, after less than one month, we took some new pictures of our plants who amazingly survived pretty well the 41 C heat last Tuesday. When you compare the picture of the plants when they were little with the pictures what they look like now, you can see the growth that has occurred is very remarkable.

This is a trial post for inserting new pictures. I was finally able to upgrade my post. My VISA debit card wasn’t accepted. Peter helped me out with PayPal. This worked all right. It’s a great feeling to be able to publish some new pictures!

3 thoughts on “Our Garden

  1. Hello, Cat and Carolyn! I thank you for your lovely comments. I must say, when I look at these pictures from 2013 I do like them too. Now, some seven years later, this garden is in dire need of an extensive overhaul. Since Peter and I do not have much strength anymore, a lot of gardening is out of the question for us. Not that we have ever been very persistent gardeners! We enjoy spending time in the garden, but more for relaxation, not so much for working in the garden! We want to employ someone now to do some kind of replanting that requires a minimum amount of upkeep. 🙂

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