The Psychology of Political Helplessness

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O Society

by Mathias Sager edited by O Society Sep 22, 2020

Summary: Even small daily exposures to oppressive structures in economic/ political/ social environments influence a person’s psychological internalization of our superiority and inferiority observations. Conforming behavior provides the necessary practice to develop the tendency to obey the “unavoidable” orders of oppressors in a learned “helpless” manner. The more hierarchical a political system, the more helplessness is learned, resulting in uncritical and fearful behavior undermining democratic processes. The creation of awareness about existing power differentials and their detrimental effects is needed as the basis to enable an individual and collective path towards action against personal and economic/ political/ social injustices.

The “response” of individuals to not actively respond to stress can be a learned behavior reflecting experience in which stressful situations are perceived as uncontrollable [1]. If people learn our actions do not positively influence the outcomes, we develop desperate…

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