Love The One Within Your Eyes

Thank you so much, Ian, for this beautiful story about Marge and George. I hope you won’t have to stop writing altogether! Best Wishes! Uta and Peter

Welcome To Aussie Emus World

This will probably be my last post on both my WordPress sites; due to personal circumstances I can’t see myself sharing my life’s journey anymore in the foreseeable future. The world is changing before our eyes every day; we adapt and put our faith in the hopes and hearts of mankind to make our world a better place, a world of love, compassion and mutual harmony. These tenets are what inspire us to forge ahead in our lives, to live every day to the best of our ability. Sadly it happens when affairs of the heart are torn apart, our very existence becomes a monumental obstacle, one that is insurmountable and inconsolable, such is my every waking moment, I won’t go into details suffice to say that many years back I wrote a story, maybe I was given a glimpse into the future or had a prophetic vision of a…

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