Amelia di Cielo and the Blackmailer.

I liked this story so much I want to reblog it! 🙂
My father was not a widower, but he lived on his own after separation from my mother. As far as I know, he always did his own laundry!


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The story below is from an age of a kind of fading feudalism…an age when position and religion ruled the small villages dotted amongst the Dolomites of Northern Italy. It was told by my father to my mother and then to me. It is from around the turn of the 20th  century, when the church creatures wielded enormous power in the communities. It is a tale that could be told from any number of small village life in those days…the tyranny of power, no matter how small, over those who could be exploited, who can be silenced…perhaps not THAT different from now!..The actions by the criminals can be the same, but it is how the individual overcomes that  bullying that is different. Some run, some succumb, some become violent…the “hero” of our little moment, from the lowest rung in the social ladder of such a community, chose instead, chose deliberately…

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3 thoughts on “Amelia di Cielo and the Blackmailer.

  1. I meant to say my father did his own laundry when he lived by himself, which was in Germany at a time when most people did not have a washing machine yet, and my father certainly did not have a washing machine! 🙂

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