Diary, 1st of June 2021

I did a bit of browsing today and came across ‘Last Photos with Peter’. There are many photos, so I was rather astonished, how many I had published. This seems now like quite some time ago, in another life . . . .

The computer recently did cause me some loss of sleep because of all the updates, that I find extremely difficult to handle! Constantly, I have to sign in anew so that it can be verified that it is really ‘me’. Then they want passwords and some kind of codes. Whatever I print, always seems to be wrong. For the codes they want ‘numbers’ and for passwords there also has to be a certain number of mixtures of letters and numbers. I just have no memory of all of this. Maybe someone has written down somewhere the relevant information. No idea, where I can find that list, if there is such a list! And so it goes.

I am relieved, that at least WordPress did let me sign in now. They did actually believe, that I am the one, that is writing under the name ‘auntyuta’! How absolutely terrific!

Everything on my computer has changed. How am I ever going to find my way around again. It truly is a great mess!

2 thoughts on “Diary, 1st of June 2021

  1. I so agree with you, dear Uta. I have made a list of all my important numbers, codes, passwords including social security numbers, bank accounts etc., and keep updating it every time I forget a password and have to create a new one, or add a new app with a password. It now fills two pages! I give my daughter an updated copy each time i change it (with the date so she knows which is the most recent) – that way, if anything happens to me (stroke, dementia, death etc.) she will be able to access everything. With regard to my laptop, a MacBookAir, I was having a very frustrating time because even though I was putting in the correct password it didn’t accept it, and kept locking me out. Then I found that I could bypass the need for a password in Security & Privacy – so that’s one little headache gone. Of course, if I lose my Mac, or it’s stolen, the thief will have all my information – but I don’t travel with it very much nowadays so I’m not too concerned about that. Maybe I should write a post about this!

  2. Yes, Uta. I too find it very difficult to navigate through updates and changes. It is a flaw in the system that must make many people get away from all that IT stuff.

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