Solving The Mystery Behind the Building of the Great Pyramid

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Rising Tide Foundation

By Dr. Quan Le

Some words about a mesmerizing documentary Grande Pyramide K 2019 by director Fehmi Krasniqi.

Its premiere was in Paris on September 2019 and it’s available for free on the Internet since December 2019.

For people interested in the history of Egypt in particular and of mankind in general, it’s an absolute treat. The most comprehensive, logical and encompassing of all explanations given to this day about the creation and building of the Egyptian Pyramids .

This documentary provides simple, yet luminous explanations on how those marvels (the Egyptian Pyramids and especially the Great One ascribed to Pharaoh Khufu ) were built by the hands, minds and souls of human beings thousands of years ago and doesn’t have to resort to convoluted theories requiring either slaves or the intervention of far away Aliens (or advanced and more or less mythical civilizations like Atlantis). The movie lasts 3…

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