The Great Depression & my parents, a Blog by Kate Kresse

This is a blog by Kate Kresse that I reblogged here with this comment:

I am sure, some of my followers have experienced war shortages. I am thinking about older people that remember World War Two and the years after the end of the war. I was ten years old when the war in Germany ended. My grandmother was especially good at using every little bit of food, nothing would be thrown out. It stuck with me. I tend to be very careful in not wasting any food if at all possible. 🙂 Both my husband and I had learned to be very careful with money and to avoid of going into debt. Don’t most people in our effluent Western society, that never experienced shortages, behave in a very different way?

Believe Anyway

Did your parents grow up during the Great Depression? My parents grew up during that time. It affected how they lived their lives. It made them very careful with their money. It made them wise. They knew the importance of saving for the future, gardening for some of their food, and canning or freezing what they could. They stocked up on things when they were marked way down. They did all of this because of wisdom that only comes from experiencing hardship, poverty, and simple necessities being unavailable. As mom told me many times, “your generation takes sufficiency of products or even affluence for granted. My generation never can.” Of course, she was right. Dad spent his career in logistics. I spent part of mine in logistics, inventory control, and production scheduling. Dad and I often discussed trends and the impact of shipping and factory problems on supplies at the…

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